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Rifò is an emerging brand of clothes and accessories. We produce high-quality products, made with recycled textile fibers and made in Italy.

Thanks to a mechanical and craftsmanship process developed in the textile district of Prato (our city) more than 100 years ago, we are able to turn fabric leftovers and old clothes into new garments with identical qualities to the original products.
This method allows us to recycle textile waste and sensibly reduce the amount of water, dyes and chemical products used in the production.
Nowadays it is so easy to get dressed, there are so many beautiful clothes available at a low price. But we can do better – we can dress in high-quality and fashionable clothes while taking care of our planet!​
Our mission is to create a fashionable and high-quality garment line made entirely in Prato with 100% recycled fibers.

Our products are:

  • Made in Italy: Rifò clothes and accessories are all confectioned in Prato and its surroundings.
  • Recycled: all our products are made with recycled textile or yarns and they have the same qualities as the virgin ones. All colors we use in production are 100% natural, they have not been dyed, they are the result of the color selection of fabric leftovers. Rifò was founded on the principles of ethics, sustainability and respect. In this regard, we created the project #2lovePrato that finances three social initiatives which have been helping Prato and its surroundings for years.