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We create home decor components and accessories that are 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable, or come from renewable sources and that are designed according to the principles of eco-design.

Our mission is to make our everyday life rooms always more comfortable and safe thanks to the use of certified and eco-sustainable components and home decor accessories. At the same time as a company we are committed to creating a healthy and stimulating work environment where people feel part of a change. We want to be among the protagonists of the 2030 Agenda and guarantee our maximum commitment to make it happen.

Rippotai’s promise is to act concretely for the environment and the future of our planet.

  • Eco-sustainability is our corporate prerequisite: in nature there is no waste, everything is recyclable and so it must be achievable as much as possible in the company. We recover production waste: we do it through recycling in the manufacturing process, and often also by adopting the philosophy of creative reuse in the development of new products.
  • In designing we follow the principles of eco-design: materials with low environmental impact, coming from sustainable processes and free of hazardous or noxious substances; we try to use the least possible number of materials in the same product, also reducing the quantity, to reduce weight and volume, with efficient folding and stacking systems. Each product is designed to satisfy multifunctionality.