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RITORNO ALLA NATURA is a farmhouse with a modern soul, aimed at hosting its welcome guests in a sustainable way.

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Those who choose BACK TO NATURE choose the relaxation generated by Nature, healthy and plant based food.

We take care of almost everything to make the guest’s stay with the lowest ecological footprint . The structure in Energy Class A is equipped with 24 photovoltaic panels, LED light bulbs, a charging station for electric vehicles, a waste water purifier to which we combine the use of biological detergents and Ecolabel certified. To our guests we try to raise awareness, we only invite them not to waste water and to reuse towels for several days. We must admit that almost all guests appreciate our work and help reduce waste by following our advice.

Why choose BACK TO NATURE?

Too often, those who choose a structure where to stay are based only on photos and on the price without taking breakfast into consideration, often finding themselves a nasty surprise with packaged products, industrial fruit juices and a buffet with proposals from the day before. At RITORNO ALLA NATURA for breakfast you will find home made products, fresh fruit extracts made at the moment and an enchanting panorama.
We love what we do and it is the only big and true reason why we put so much effort into all the details, which are the ones that excite.