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Our company was founded in 2017 following a dream, that of returning to our territory its beauty and its agricultural vocation. 

Through our wines and those of the many new small companies like ours, we want to give back the place it deserves to our Erbaluce in the panorama of great Piedmontese wines.
We grow on unique soils, their glacial morainic origin gives freshness, flavor and minerality to our wines.

Our company is under organic farming and we are always looking for methods that are as sustainable as possible towards the ecosystem that surrounds our vineyards. Few tillage of the soil, permanent grassing and rational pruning to aim for the longevity of our precious plants. In the cellar few manipulations, simple and precise vinifications for wines that express our terroir in a clear and clean way.

We believe that micro craft activities must be the backbone of a territory, that they are holders of traditions and that it is our duty to preserve them with care and express them at their best through an agriculture integrated with the environment that surrounds us. The road we have taken is just at the beginning, every day we learn something and sometimes the climbs seem really difficult. For us this has never been just our job, it is our life.