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The “Santa Rita Bio Social Dairy 1964” was founded in 1964 for the transformation of the milk of the members in Parmigiano Reggiano. 

It is located in the Modenese Apennines, in a pollution-free mountain area, with pure air and water. It is an ethical company, and collects the efforts of 7 Organic Farms, one of which is a Slow Food Presidium. Since 2009, our “Guardian Breeders” are committed, to protect biodiversity, in saving the Bianca Modenese, an indigenous breed of cattle, declared extinct by FAO and, with its milk, we make the ONLY FORM in the world of ORGANIC PARMIGIANO REGGIANO with SOLO MODENESE WHITE COW MILK, with a production of 365 wheels a year. We are also producers of ORGANIC PARMIGIANO REGGIANO with mountain milk, of Frisona / Meticcia cow, 14 wheels per day. We are an entire certified organic supply chain since 1992 (ICEA / CCPB). The use of traditional techniques, in harmony with the cycles of nature, without the use of GMOs and synthetic chemicals, favors respect for the environment, animals and people. Our happy cows are free in the barn and graze outside in the summer. Their diet is NO GMOs, NO SILAGE, only FORAGE and ORGANIC CEREALS; Phytotherapeutic and homeopathic treatments are privileged, and all this translates not only into a longer and healthier life, but also in an excellent quality of organic milk and therefore of our ORGANIC PARMIGIANO REGGIANO.