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Daughter of Etna, Scorzamara now dedicates 35 hectares of land to the cultivation of citrus fruits, especially the Sicilian blood orange.

This is because we support the environmental peculiarities of our territory and enhance a typical product of our tradition by resorting to the most contemporary and less invasive agricultural cultivation techniques. And while the temperature variations of the Etna area give the oranges a naturally intense red pigmentation (anthocyanins), we prepare the soil so that it is ready to welcome the fertile water, the friendly sun and the tender shoots. The baulatura technique – literally a trunk system – in fact consists in moving the soil from the furrows onto raised areas to favor soil drainage and greater and healthier production. Each seedling is fertilized with slow release organic nitrogen to improve the quality of the fruit and increase the production of vitamin C. The ripening of our organic oranges respects the natural life cycle of the plants. The slow and sweet growth, never attacked by chemical fertilizers that accelerate the production processes, makes the fruits tasty and fragrant, from the peel to the pulp. Ripened at the right point, our organic oranges are hand-picked one by one, brushed to remove traces of soil and leaves and prepared to be shipped quickly, avoiding the stay in the refrigerator, waxing and fungicide treatments.