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Loose. is the shop specializing in bulk food, eco-sustainable home and personal care, zero-waste and plastic-free.

Entering the shop you will discover the colors and scents “of the past”, in an environment designed to keep up with the present, where you can find (almost) everything you need for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.
You will be able to buy food with your containers, and thus do a shopping that is attentive to the environment and to yourself. In addition to considerably reducing the impact of packaging, by purchasing in bulk, you will find products coming mostly from local companies, Italian, where possible organic or in conversion. You will find home and personal care products made with natural, zero-waste and plastic-free ingredients. Many of these products can also be found on our e-shop: we ship all over Italy in 48/72 hours!
You will find this and much more: a smile, a chat, a moment of lightness to build a cohesive and supportive community, attentive to everyone and everyone.