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SiestaBio, a group of young farmers – startuppers, was born with the aim of enhancing the organic short chain and creating a network of producers (exclusively organic) who share the same values, in harmony with nature.

Respect for the environment is essential. The quality of a product lies in that of the soil, water and air and, for this reason, it is essential to restore the natural ecosystem through healthy agricultural practices.

Our strong, interconnected pillars:

  • Organic farming . By focusing everything on this production model, we exclude the use of synthetic chemicals to promote soil fertility. We adopt the practice of crop rotation and calibrate the use of resources, because they are not unlimited. We also defend hedges and woods, which favor the colonization of beneficial insects and protect the soil from erosion and the drift of chemical plant protection products from the surrounding areas.
  • Sustainable production . That it can last over time. Sustainability comes from “sustain”, which, in music, is the piano pedal that lengthens the sound of a note. Sustainability is an approach, a method, a mentality. It is the will to satisfy the needs of the present generation, without compromising those of future generations.
  • Biodiversity . It is wealth and ensures the natural sustainability of all forms of life, strengthening the productivity of any ecosystem.