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We are three friends that are passionate about the environment, sustainability and card games.

We also often discuss climate change and the social issues the world faces today, one day on a cycle ride through the Bavarian forest we came with an idea to make our own game based around current affairs, sustainability, environment and the challenges humanity faces in today’s age whilst also providing solutions to help heal the planet!

We designed/created this really fun game from scratch, our designs started off very basic and where in fact created in PowerPoint. Several versions later we have taught ourselves how to more advanced design tools. One of the hardest parts of this journey has been transferring our ideas and discussions into a fun and engaging game that we believe many people will enjoy. At the same time our hope is to be a catalyst for conversation to be had between friends and family about elements present in the game and solutions for healing the Earth.

All materials used to manufacture our game are from FSC certified sources and FSC certified manufacturing companies. This ensures that the blend of the materials used (New vs Recycled) and the source of the new materials is independently verified to be sustainable. This was really important to us!