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Our company is in Sardinia in the geographical sub-region called Marmilla (whose name derives from the vast rounded hills in the area, resembling breasts) in the municipality of Tuili.
The business officially started in 2016 but the company has existed since the late 1960s, run by our father who is now 71 and still works with us. The main activity was zootechnical and with crops of wheat or forage for livestock.

With the new management, the agricultural vocation of the territory was preferred by planting about 13 hectares of almond trees, cultivated in compliance with the organic regulations, and by cultivating legumes and ancient durum grains.

We were the first completely autonomous Sardinian company in the cultivation and processing of almond trees. We grow, process the product and sell it in retail packs of 250g or 500g, as well as with legumes.