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SUSSO – Sustainable Solutions mainly produces Wraps made from 100% cotton fabric and a mix of natural ingredients, including local beeswax and pine resin.

Our packaging has been made to seal bowls or directly wrap various types of food, a sustainable alternative to cling film.

Also produce multi-purpose bags of various sizes in GOTS certified organic cotton, ideal for your bulk shopping or for many other uses at home or on the go!

SUSSO – Products Plastic-free, Reusable, Biodegradable and handmade in Italy.

  • Keep your food FRESH! The combination of natural ingredients allows the packaging to breathe, keeping food fresh longer.
  • Most importantly, REUSABLE! Forget the disposable film, our packaging can be simply washed in cold water and a little natural soap. It can last UP TO ONE YEAR!
  • Last but not least, packaging is ALWAYS A SURPRISE! We only use fabric scraps, so the pattern or color of the fabric cannot be chosen.

By using SUSSO products, you too can start being part of the ecological revolution! Starting with small everyday gestures such as wrapping your food or shopping, you can make a big difference in the consumption of natural resources and in reducing the pollution of our planet from plastics.