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The “Terre Alte Picene” is a consolidated company working on sustainable agriculture and agri-food production with low environmental impact.

The good practice of agriculture, combined with attentive land-use management and the adoption of symbiotic agriculture techniques make of Terre Alte Picene a dynamic reality boosting product innovation and respect for the ecosystem.

Our production focuses on Pasta, Flour and truffles.

With the symbiotic agriculture we do not make use of pesticides nor fertilizers. We support instead human well-being and  a correct nutrition habits that have been lost through the increased consumption of food with low genetic diversity. A daily consumption of symbiotic agriculture-derivate products strengthens the maintenance of a healthy intestinal microbiome and an high intake of nutraceuticals thus contributing at the prevention of health problematics affecting modern society like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Terre Alte Picene also contributes to mountain communities resilience and biodiversity conservation of rural ecosystems.
Respecting our believes, we aim at producing food specialties with high biological and nutritional value that can guarantee the health and sustainability of a  society that chooses to live in respect of Nature and its most ancient values.