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Our family has been cultivating the land with dedication for over four generations.

Our farm extends in the heart of western Sicily, in the territory of Contessa Entellina, a town in the Belice Valley. We grow cereals in rotation with legumes, olive oil and wine grapes at an altitude between 300 and 700 meters above sea level in compliance with the rules governing organic farming.
We enjoy an ancient tradition in the cultivation of wheat and dried legumes, including chickpeas and lentils. In recent years we have also resumed the cultivation of ancient local wheat varieties such as Tumminia, Perciasacchi and Maiorca.
All our products are obtained from the transformation of the best grains and legumes grown exclusively in our estates.
We carry out scrupulous checks on raw materials to ensure maximum consumer health protection.
Our pasta is bronze drawn to enhance its roughness and porosity in order to better absorb any type of seasoning and is dried slowly so as not to alter the molecular structure of the starches. In this way, authenticity, color, aroma, flavor and texture are enhanced.