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We are young people between 18 and 35 years old, dedicated to scientific dissemination and the deepening of current events related to the environment, aimed at raising awareness about the global climate crisis and empowering members and city users.

The ultimate goal is to stimulate reflection and motivate them to act under the sign of sustainability in their daily habits, according to the motto of the “think ocean, care local” association: “think big, act small”.
Specifically, compatibly with the trend of the pandemic, we promote initiatives in the area such as waste collection and cleaning of parks, beaches, roads; we sensitize business managers to more sustainable practices (for example, the elimination of plastic straws).
The most strictly dissemination activity takes place in the school context, online, through social media and through our participation in conferences and events.
Finally, we recently produced a VLOG-style reportage on the melting of alpine glaciers in Valmalenco (SO).