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The Trama Plaza non-profit association pursues the aim of promoting sustainable fashion and design and more generally raising awareness of sustainability issues in the textile industry, through art and education and training.

The Association was founded by studying the textile industry with the aim of expanding the method, know-how and approach to promote environmental and social sustainability as a whole.
The goal of the Trama Plaza Association is to inspire people and encourage change in behavior with a view to sustainability, thanks to information and the dissemination of knowledge.
The main activities of the Trama Plaza Association consist in the promotion of a sustainable development model through an innovative approach that uses ART and cultural proposals to sensitize all the actors involved: citizens, institutions, the private and financial sector.
Through its activities, Trama Plaza wants to create greater awareness of the value of ethical and circular production and encourage critical thinking on the relationship between consumer and product, promote social inclusion and respect for natural resources.
Trama Plaza’s proposals are part of a national context of initiatives that promote the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The values ​​of Trama Plaza are: Sustainability, Inclusion and Rooted in the territory.