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“Two Brothers Organic Farm” is an ECOCERT Certified Organic Farm located in a small village of Maharashtra, India. We practice regenerative natural farming with the help of our native Indian cows. We prefer to maintain an ecosystem & environment for the wider community of species and microorganisms by using just Indigenous cow dung and Urine as the only inputs on our farm. We prepare PANCHGAVYA as a plant nutrient booster and soil fertilizer, which is a mix of Indigenous cow products such as Cow dung, Urine, Ghee, Curd and Milk. This Panchgavya helps in regenerating the microorganisms of the soil and helps promote plant growth. Our cows are Free grazed.

We are cultivating a Food Forest on our farm where we have planted a mix of herbs, vegetables, fruits and legumes. We always practice Mulching, we do not dump or burn farm waste, instead use it as a covering for the soil to retain good moisture for plants. We believe in planting heirloom and indigenous seeds only. Our farm is a biodiverse self-sustaining ecosystem – with immense flora and fauna. We have planted 1500 fruit trees of 18 different varieties. We follow intercropping, polycropping and make use of the symbiotic relationships that thrive happily on this natural habitat. The farm is bordered by tall trees like the Suru trees that work as wind barriers and provide a cooler friendlier micro environment.

For the transportation of produce or goods we have an electric vehicle at the farm which helps in our day to day work, for the conservation of water a 1.5 acre of land is devoted for the natural pond for rain-water harvesting with which a drip irrigation system has been established.

On our farm we work as a family with our fellow-farmers .