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We are ŪKAI modern and innovative socks brand that reduce plastic from the oceans.

We created socks that have positive environmental impact on our Earth and people. Each ŪKAI sock pair funds the reduction of 51 plastic bottles!

How 51 plastic bottles fit to one pair of socks?

It does not have to because Plastic Bank takes care of 50 of them. ŪKAI is official supporter and from every pair of sock 0,50ct goes to this particular Organization that helps us to clean the oceans together.

1 plastic bottle becomes recycled plastic yarns and is the part of the sock’s material. It goes together with upcycled cotton, organic cotton, polyamide, elastane and makes a great combination. Socks are soft, comfortable and feels fresh to the feet’s.

Designs of the socks are inspired by nature, pastel tones, graphic design and abstract art. Patterns and images are aesthetic, clean and minimal to make not only socks but also the design durable and long living.

We use only recycled and organic materials exceeding the highest standards which ensure long lasting comfort and freshness.

We produce ŪKAI socks in our homeland Lithuania. Factory that we carefully chose meets our values and produce sustainable and durable products.
Company’s employees are valued, have safe workplaces and fair salaries.

We are more than sustainable socks: we use eco-packaking, sustainable delivery, working with scientists to close the loop.