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“Uovo Perfetto” is the combination of daily well-being, excellent quality of life and respect for the rules of nature. The ingredients are: healthy, controlled nutrition and group physical training. No chemical feed.

The “Uovo Perfetto” project is both ethically sustainable and eco-sustainable. We save the hens that are destined for slaughter and put them in a pasture where they can live in the most natural way possible. Here the hens that reproduce in the park will die only of old age and remain all their life in the park, male or female.

Our park is designed so that the hens have as much comfort as possible at their disposal, and at the same time it replicates what has been their natural and wild way of life for centuries. The man’s hand is invisible, at least we try. The hen hatches the eggs according to its natural biological rhythm. Human interference is not allowed. This is why we manage not to use drugs. The only treatments we use are: sun, wind and the air of the Apulian countryside.