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VAIA is a company founded as a reaction to Vaia Storm, a violent extra-mediterranean cyclone that hit northern Italy in late 2018 and was able to destroy more than 41 thousands hectares of woods.

A storm that would be described as just another outcome of climate change.
We took up the challenge and set a clear yet challenging goal: to retrieve the wood of the trees fallen during the storm to help the forest regrow back.
Firm believers in the bright side of everything, we commit to give new life to a precious resource, that would otherwise be lost, through good quality design objects, following a circular economy philosophy in compliance with the values ​​of Made in Italy and both social and environmental sustainability.
Our product rises exactly from this ambitions. VAIA Cube is a passive amplifier made out of resonance solid wood, that same wood recovered after the storm.
The sale of each amplifier funds the replanting of a tree in the forests affected by the storm, allowing who joins our mission to enter a large community of people connected by the desire to help Nature.
However, we are always looking at tomorrow to work with new materials and for new territories hit by the consequences of climate change.
In fact, VAIA aims to support a different way to do business, and a more cohesive to the current times.
A way that will give back to the people and the planet, to gently restore the balance between nature and human kind.