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Vérabuccia ® is an Italian company founded by Francesca Nori and Fabrizio Moiani which includes an innovative production process to create a new material from the recovery of the vegetable peel.

The first result of the Vérabuccia ® project is called Ananasse, waste pineapple peels which, through a patented industrial production process, acquire new and performing characteristics of application as a new material in the fashion and design system.
The prerogative of Ananasse is its aesthetics: unlike what happens with “vegetable-based fabrics or leathers” on the market, whose manufacturing processes tend towards the imitation of fabrics or real animal skin, Ananasse keeps its appearance intact initial visual of a pineapple peel.
The project was born in 2017 on the initiative of Francesca Nori following an intuition at the end of her studies, from the observation of some vegetable peels including that of the pineapple fruit; by-product that originates from the fruit processing industries all over the world, generating disposal problems. According to updated data, the world production of pineapples is estimated at around 24.8 million tons and of that only 60% is used; nearly 10 million tons of pineapple peels launched each year.
In Italy, with an average import of about 130 thousand tons per year, it is the second most consumed exotic fruit.