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It’s time to be WAO

We are a group of friends with different professions, who in 2018 joined to develop the project and debut with a crowdfunding on kickstarter in October of the same year, we use facebook and instagram to promote our products but also trying to spread common sense pills for a cleaner environment. The first shoes proposed were sneakers in natural hemp or dyed with natural extracts, that is, with pigments extracted from dyeing plants. The other model was in wood fiber, a material that later proved difficult to use and which unlike hemp, being coupled with polyurethane, transforms everything into undifferentiated waste. We immediately proposed ourselves as The eco effect shoes, as we collect the exhausted shoes to dispose of them properly. The wood fiber model was then replaced with the NYLONG, with upper made of econyl, 100% regenerated nylon, made from fishing nets and industrial carpet waste, shoe presented in 2019 with a new crodfunding. All sneakers have certified GO-Zero sole in degradable natural rubber, laces, labels and lining in organic cotton, insole in coconut fiber and natural silicone. We donate 4% on every sale to an organization we support, including Sea Sheperd and others, and we have a code of ethics on the home page since its debut. On the site, we declare the supply chain, and soon it will be displayed via Qr_code on the products and we will use a blockchain.