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Wood Belt is combining wooden clasp with other sustainable materials. Production process is based on Impact Fashion principles.


  • Belt clasp entirely from wood, mainly from leftovers from wood industry.
  • Wooden buckle patented as invention. patent number: 25569.
  • Sewing replaced by wooden screw, nut, clamp.
  • Innovative combination of sustainable materials (wood combined with cork, hemp, cotton etc.).
  • Innovative «Impact fashion methodology and Index», Wood Belt NUT series score 8,5/11.


  • Belts do not contain metals or metal alloys, no exposure to common allergens.
  • Reduces risk with COVID 19 due to reduced removing at the airports and other security screening places (no beeping at airport scanners; yearly we could save 441 years of time and pledge it to something more useful).
  • Personalisation – customers can assemble their own combination.
  • Circular economy principles (used leftovers from wooden industry, leather industry etc.) while also encouraging of repair and re-use of belts.
  • Lower stock for retailers, possibility of adapting size to customer length.
  • Employment of vulnerable groups (disabled etc.) due to easy assembling of belts.
  • Wood as a sustainable, local and re-used material.