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XpreSole is the World’s 1st pair of shoes that use recycled coffee grounds as the key element of every major component in the footwear.

XpreSole, the latest green technology developed by Ccilu Footwear, is embodying the brand’s vision for sustainability and the protection of Mother Earth through the development of an entire recycling ecosystem. The result of a three-year endeavor by Ccilu’s R&D team, XpreSole – in its first iteration – recycles spent coffee grounds (SCG) into aromatic footwear material. This technology has already been honored by the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category for 2019.

Why did we choose to up-cycle coffee grounds?

People consume 850 billion cups of coffee each year, which generates 25 billion kilos of Spent Coffee Grounds (SCGs). Only 4% of these coffee grounds are properly recycled and the remaining 96% turns into coffee trash which emits CH4 and CO2, the 2 major greenhouse air.

XpreSole is reducing the greenhouse effect by turning and carbon footprint used coffee grounds into footwear. XpreSole, the world’s first shoes made from coffee.

Till today XpreSole has manufactured and sold 40,000 pairs of coffee shoes. 1 pair of XpreSole Shoes is made from cups of coffee, which means XpreSole has up-cycled 200,000+ cups of coffee so far.