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Our small but lively farm is located in the Castelli Romani area, precisely in Monte Compatri.

We have chosen this lifestyle with passion and dedication to return to savor time, slowness and nature. Fundamental concepts for us: a strictly manual PRODUCTION CHAIN, a SLOW approach and an ARTISAN CHARACTER.

  • PRODUCTION CHAIN: we love our crocuses, and every two years they ask us for new nourishment (in August we rotate the soil). In October, something comes up from the ground, it is the crocus sativus in all its beauty. In the morning we wake up very early and with the basket under our arms we start jumping here and there among the fillets, in rhythm with the bees.
  • SLOWNESS:from this moment, we take all the time possible: we sit at the table with friends and relatives. Scissors in hand, here are the delicate stigmas closed between the six petals. The added value of our work is that, during this phase, our thoughts are free: we listen to music, we tell stories while sipping a hot drink. In the meantime, the bulbs recharge with energy to amaze us again the following day.
  • ARTISAN CHARACTER: our hands are precious allies and act following our emotions. For this reason, each of our handmade packaging never ends up looking alike. We believe that something of our good thoughts and this story of serenity ends up in our packaging.