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Sustainable clothing brand

Eticlò (from “ethical closet”) is an Italian innovative and consciousness brand. Our mission is to develop sophisticated and long-lasting apparel collections made from sustainable certified fabrics.

Junker, the app that makes home recycling easy and fast, is a suite (smartphone app + web portal) that allows you to immediately identify a product from its barcode and, based on the user’s geolocation, indicate the correct disposal bin is…

Environmental Guide, Educator / Speech Therapist, Content Creator

Trying to promote a zero waste and Earth respectful lifestyle through my channels Vegan, Nature and Animal lover.

Meraky works by reusing materials that have exhausted their primary function and are not usually used in the production of accessories. The values ​​and philosophy of the brand are an integral part of every project.

Organic waste composting plant with renewable energy production

AGRIENERGIA SPA is a company active in the Green Economy and deals with the treatment of the organic matrix through a process of energy and material recovery.

Sustainable sneakers

All sneakers WAO have certified GO-Zero sole in degradable natural rubber, laces, labels and lining in organic cotton, insole in coconut fiber and natural silicone.

Breathing new life into unwanted material, the Regenesi portfolio boasts of elegant transformation from rejection to desire. We transform the remnants of a consumeristic society into fashion accessories and home and office design object of…

Re.Lab – Project is a sustainable fashion project that combines the garments we wear with the values ​​we believe in. Through the circular and sustainable practice, the recovered clothes are transformed, by means of a creative intervention,…

Eco-sustainable fashion producers

The clothing we wear has a big impact on the environment, due to the cultivation processes, water waste and chemicals. Small changes, like purchasing HUMNZR Eco Friendly products, can make a huge difference. We use natural and recycled raw materials…