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Tailoring workshops in prison

Made in Carcere was founded 15 years ago to promote environmental sustainability and social inclusion. It is a 100% green social brand.

Agricola Samadhi has been environmentally aware, care-full and graceful towards Mother Earth since its origin. We adopt a ‘no impact’ lifestyle in our daily activities, and avoid single dose plastic items and bottles.

Perfect egg is the combination of daily well-being, excellent quality of life and respect for the rules of nature. The ingredients are: healthy, controlled nutrition and group physical training. No chemical feed.

Ferilli Eyewear is an eyewear brand born in 2018 from the idea of ​​the optician and orthoptist from Lecce Cristiano Ferilli. The brand’s mission is to create accessories using innovative and eco-sustainable materials, with a focus on prickly…

Valentina Asia Italy was born on September 2020 and is an accessories brand that pays homage to art and nature. Sculpture bags and small jewel accessories make up “Mineraria” the first collection that features natural minerals with a high inclusion…

Agriturismo Salos was born as a friend of nature, the whole structure blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment. We use solar panels for hot water, ecological products for cleaning environments, low consumption light bulbs, reducers for…

Naturplus wellness consultant

I am a wellness consultant for NaturPlus, I propose their certified organic and natural products for the health, well-being and beauty of the person. They do not contain chemicals that are harmful to health.