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Ecological candles

We have decided to make a handmade natural product with future generations in mind! Soy wax candles are a way of harmonizing our home without polluting!

Alpaca fashion brand

Luxalpaca was born with the intention of spreading a millenary textile culture, rich on a historical and human level, which finds its origins in Peru, the cradle of the Inca empire. From the encounter with Italian design, a new experience is created…

Tailoring project

For Aequae, time is the most precious asset and making the most of it allows us to restore attention to human relationships, creativity and the Italian tailoring tradition. Aequae does it following inspiration, not fashions, creating unique pieces…

Lending Crowdfunding Platform for greenvesting

Ener2Crowd is a Lending Crowdfunding platform: the proponents submit a project in our platform, the crowd lends money to this company with the understanding that the money will be repaid with interest. It is very similar to traditional borrowing…

Stylish, ethical and responsible fashion brand

FILI PARI is an innovative Start Up focused on the research and the development of unconventional materials for the textile industry. The company has developed cutting-edge technologies for the enhancement of marble powders, aimed to design new…

Ethical Fashion Benefit Company

Endelea is committed to helping people, protecting the environment and benefiting the community. The fabrics are purchased in Tanzania, from small retailers in Dar es Salaam, to support the local micro-economy.

Coffeefrom is an innovative material composed of biopolymers and recycled coffee grounds, 100% made in Italy. Spin off of Il Giardinone Cooperativa Sociale, the project begins to give life to a new vision of industrial coffee waste.

Fashion and Lifestyle brand

Urike’s concept of sustainability is linked to having the least possible impact on our environment and at the same time having a positive effect on our society.

Piantando is a benefit company that starts social and environmental impact projects around the world, with the aim of bringing people closer to valuable projects and giving them the opportunity to do something real.

I film and share stories of people around the world fighting pollution and rising awareness about climate change. Lately I have been working on “Abyss cleanup”, tv/web series and social project to help scientists spot marine litter from …