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I’m Bea, but on instagram my name is the Imbruttita Ecologist! I opened a profile to solve a problem that I myself perceived: that of communicating the most sustainable practices in a simple, fast and practical way.

Ecological and sustainable filters for water

Aquasan srl is a 100% Italian company that has been producing ecological and sustainable water filters since 1970 as a valid alternative to plastic bottles for drinking and cooking.

Producers and resellers of zero waste items

Teby is a 100% made in Italy line specialized in the production of ecological and zero waste products, such as washable diapers, organic cotton clothing, washable pads, washable make-up remover pads and everything that helps you make your home more…

Eco-Fashion Designer / Organic clothing brand

CARLOTTA REDAELLI is an innovative brand, born from the young designer’s need to find a way to combine her great passion for fashion with her ethical values.

Furniture Maker 100% plastic-free and natural

We are furniture makers and we are family. We strive for a healthy home. A safe place for our children. Through our natural production process, we contribute to saving our planet, so that it may be worth living on.

His aesthetic approach, which refers to Pop, starts with the intent to entertain or make people smile, to explore and examine in depth the problems and events that currently afflict our world that are ecological or social