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Losenti is the first company in the home textile industry that expands the life cycle of every item produced creating a connection among the product – environment – consumer: it’s not over after the product overuse, but the life cycle re…

Sustainable Jeans

We believe that there is no more time and nothing to wait for. Everyone of us should do their part to REDUCE the footprint and save our planet. We also believe that the planet doesn’t need us, we need a healthy planet for our species to…

Our vision of sustainability is based on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle by offering experiences related to the world of well-being and personal growth.

Promoter and environmental researcher

Before we can re-establish the natural cycle in our land we must first develop a “natural cycle” in our highly polluted urban environment. This is why we spread creative recycling ideas, so that the collective idea of ​​”no waste&…