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I have a little eco enterprise called la eco vita (or eco vita for short), I have created an ebook for beginners in italian and English to create your own shampoo bars, solid face wash and scrub and head to toe wash. I eventually want to sell my own…

EcoRoma together with many informal groups, associations, regional and national representation of civil service volunteers as well as neighborhood committees is organizing to coordinate an event in Rome in which free citizens and interested parties…

Swimwear brand

Our brand was born from love for the environment and the sea. Every little detail is designed to reduce, as far as possible, the impact on the planet. Our fabrics are composed of 80% recycled polyamide and 20% elastane. Our fabric is made up mostly…

Lady Be talks about her art not only as creative form, but as awareness to the problem of recycle. It’s a warning to the actual and future world, a world where more and more resources miss, and to survive it has to become more sustainable.

Producers of Vérabuccia from waste vegetable peels

VÉRABUCCIA ® is an Italian company founded by Francesca Nori and Fabrizio Moiani which includes an innovative production process to create a new material from the recovery of the vegetable peel.

Wholesale Organic and Natural Foods

We have officially operated in the distribution of Organic and Biodegradable Chicza chewing-gum in Italy since 2010 and in Portugal from 2017. We strongly believe in the revolutionary project of “Rainforest Chicza”.

Manufacturer of clothes and accessories from fabric scraps

I make women’s clothing and accessories with recycled fabrics. I try to live a life that is as zero waste as possible

Fondo Forestale Italiano is a charity which helps biodiversity preserving and creating woods. All woods are left in their natural state, with no commercial cuts. We use private property as a way to guarantee the best protection to our woods.

Made in Italy socks brand

Arturo is a socks brand for women, men and Kids. It’s been founded in november 2018 by two italian female fashion designers. When we decided to found Arturo, we set ourselves two fundamental objectives: to respect our planet by using only…

Our small but lively farm is located in the Castelli Romani area, precisely in Monte Compatri. We have chosen this lifestyle with passion and dedication to return to savor time, slowness and nature. Fundamental concepts for us: a strictly manual…