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Vegan food cook / research & development

I encourage people to eat vegan by developing plant based products that include any intolerance and religion regime, products that omnivores usually find delicious and often mistake for original animal based version.

Venice Artistic Glass Waterbottle

Save the water to save the planetMy AQUA Bottle aims to combine the simple essence of a glass water bottle with decorative elements derived from centuries-old Venetian and Italian artisan traditions. Our company supports local economies, provides an…

Brand of products for yoga

Natmat26 is the Italian start-up of specialized products for yoga, dedicated to you practicing in a conscious and sustainable way. We guarantee that each product is designed and handmade entirely in Italy. We select only environmentally sustainable…

We believe things have a soul and objects can change their use in years, this is the reason why we started this project of circular economy. We transform, all kind of glass bottles and we give them a second life.

Eco-sustainable brand

The EcoHabits ™ brand was born from a team of young people with the aim of establishing eco-sustainable habits in people. Faced with the problems that weigh more and more on our planet, first of all the pollution of plastic in our seas, we of the…

Latifondo 63 is an organic farm that supports an agriculture project that aims to develop products of high nutritional quality, healthy and genuine.