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Healthy, vegan and vegetarian restaurant and café

Zazie it the place you want to be. We sell drinks and foods, everything is vegetarian or vegan, and comes from local markets. Fruits and veggies are local and seasonable, to be even more sustainable.

Quid is a social enterprise that, through its own fashion brand Progetto Quid, offers employment opportunities to the most vulnerable and creates ethical and sustainable fashion collections, elegant in style and accessible in price.

AB AETERNO was the first company in Italy to offer wristwatches entirely in wood, focusing on the quality of made in Italy and the precision of excellent materials. The company continuously strives to mold materials with new applications to offer…

Biological Farm for the production of Natural Coloured Eggs

Having the ideal place available, and a sincere and growing passion, Federica Bin founded the farm “The Garda Egg Co.” and has embarked on the path of respect and love that distinguishes virtuous farms for the breeding of its hens.