London “largest car free zone” in the world. The project was born from an idea of Mayor Sadiq Khan

London “largest car free zone” in the world. The project was born from an idea of Mayor Sadiq Khan

di Carla Andrea Fundarotto

London might  be the largest car free city in the world. The project launched by Mayor Sadiq Khan has already been active since May 18.

“The idea is that we can commute safer, cleaner and above all greener” explained Sadiq Khan.

In fact, circulation in London is allowed along some of the busiest areas such as Shoreditch, London Bridge, Euston, Old Street Waterloo and Holborn, exclusively on foot, by public transport or on board zero-emission taxis.
“Our plan is to make the center of the capital of the United Kingdom one of the largest car-free areas in the world by increasing walking, cycling and improving air quality” wrote the first Londoner in his Twitter profile.

This is why Londoners are advised to travel to work by bicycle rather than using the underground or the bus. An idea that arises at a time when we all are forced to rethink sustainable mobility in the context of a health crisis, after the Coronavirus emergency. “We are giving priority to the space reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, as any significant increase in the use of cars or taxis would lead to congestion, increased air pollution and road accidents” said Alastair Moss, chairman of the committee for London public transport management.
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