Misadventure & Co: vodka made by recycling bakery products

Misadventure & Co: vodka made by recycling bakery products

An artisanal distillery that fights food waste by transforming baked goods into smooth vodka. A way not to throw away the muffins or bread from the day before.

The idea was born in San Diego, California, from an intuition of the Misadventure & Co, a small distillery founded in 2013 by agricultural economist Sam Chereskin and barman Whit Rigali.

From their meeting, which took place by pure chance in a San Diego bar, the intuition was born to prepare vodka by recycling the bread and pastries that otherwise would run the risk of ending up in landfills. And that’s why the two have renamed their particular method of food recycling with the name of “hedonistic sustainability”.

“Misadventure Vodka prolongs the life of these foods – explain the creators of the project – we save all types of baked goods. This is possible because such products may still contain usable starches which are converted into sugars which in turn are then eaten by the yeast and made into wonderful alcohol. And the crazy thing is that our vodka, after processing, is also gluten-free”.

Discover the Friends for the Earth in evidence:

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