“Now” stories of six young climate activists. The work of the German photojournalist Jim Rakete presented at the Giffoni 50 winter Edition

“Now” stories of six young climate activists. The work of the German photojournalist Jim Rakete presented at the Giffoni 50 winter Edition

di Carla Andrea Fundarotto

Is called Now – A film for climate justice the documentary by the German photographer Jim Rockets dedicated to young climate activists. Chosen to kick off Giffoni50 – Winter edition, on 12 December last, it will be possible to watch live streaming, with subtitles in Italian, Sunday 20 December, at 17, on the platform Wanted zone.

The protagonists are young people from all over the world who have already dedicated a large part of their youth to the environmental cause, with courage and determination, between peaceful demonstrations and initiatives designed for a single goal: to ask loudly for the climate justice. And so photojournalist Jim Rakete, who as a young man followed the youth movements in Berlin, decided to tell the stories of these young people through their voices. “I have to admit that I am really happy, because a circle closes in my life – explains Rakete – I think it’s very nice, that young people finally take part in the political discussion again. This sheds good light on the opportunities of our time ”.

Among the six protagonists of the documentary is the German Luisa Neubauer, 22, founder of the Fridays for future in Germany, which led to strikes in front of the Berlin Bundestag. Then the German Felix Finkbeiner who at the age of ten, after seeing the documentary “An inconvenient truth” by Al Gore, he founded the organization Plant for Planet which has led to the planting of fifteen million trees worldwide. The 21-year-old New Yorker is also among the activists Vic Barrett who in 2015 filed a complaint against the US government with the lawsuit known as Juliana vs Us. The accusation made against the executive is that of having caused the climate crisis, knowingly violating the constitutional rights to life, liberty and property of the younger generation, and of having failed to protect essential public resources. The 27-year-old German Nike Malhaus, on the other hand, was chosen to tell her story after the occupation of the lignite mines in the Rhineland, against the extraction of lignite. Marcella Hansch, on the other hand, talks about her Pacific Garbage Screening project, born with the aim of cleaning up the planet’s waters from plastics and microplastics.

The story of the English Zion Lights, author of the book “The ultimate guide to green parenting“, on the other hand, was chosen to tell the world the idea behind the peaceful movement Extinction Rebellion which in April 2019, led to the occupation of Waterloo Bridge in London and funeral processions, to celebrate nature’s funeral.

In addition to the voices of the activists, the director also supports those of science, with interventions by experts, and those of famous veterans of past movements. Among them the rock poet Patti Smith and the director  Wim Wenders, both protagonists of the movements of ’68 and supporters of the young environmentalists.

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