Max Serradifalco

CEO and Founder
+39 3931855650

He is a landscape photographer. His works probe the boundaries between travel, photography, geography and digital art. His path opens in 2011 with the series “Web Landscape Photography”, a virtual journey around the Earth with which the artist experiments a new way of observing and interpreting the planet’s landscapes, through the applications of Google Earth. He was among the first to create photographic series, digital collages and, recently, 3D sculptures, using only satellite maps, via the web. Serradifalco conducts an aesthetic project, but with an ethical and environmental purpose, focusing on the greatness of nature. Hence his idea of ​​founding, in 2020, Friends for the Earth, an international web community dedicated to those who, through their commitment, they are contributing to the green transition of the planet. His works were published in Adobe’s Behance catalog in 2015 and selected for the Samsung The Frame project. He has made solo shows at the Riso Museum in Palermo, at the Giffoni Film Festival, at the Bianchi Zardin Gallery in Milan, at the Exclusiva Foundation in Rome. Among the awards received MIFA 2015 (Moscow) and IPA 2012 (Los Angeles). His works are currently present in public and private collections in Europe and the United States.

Sandro Privitera

Director of the Commission
+39 3382088851

He is geologist, geographer and Environmental Sciences PhD. At present time he is working at the University of Catania, (Italy), as director of a protected area in Sicily, the “Grotta Palombara” (Palombara Cave) Strict Nature Reserve. He is also tour leader and official tourist guide speaking English and Spanish. He is a traveler and photographer, writer and environmental activist, looking after the Future of “Pachamama”, Our Mother Earth. In the 90’s, he worked in South America in Chile, Argentina, Perù and Bolivia, where discovered the terrible meaning of the word “Deforestation”. During his PhD he studied the oceanography and the marine geology of the Strait of Magellan, one of the most incredible and mythical places on Earth.

Carla Andrea Fundarotto

Press Office
+39 3475183296

She is a professional journalist and music critic. She writes for Amadeus, Classic Voice and other trade magazines. She collaborate with the Giornale di Sicilia and worked for the editorial staff of the Tele Giornale di Sicilia. She studied composition and classical guitar at the Scarlatti Conservatory in Palermo. She was a correspondent from Berlin for some magazines of the RCS publishing group.