Paris is one of the greenest cities in Europe

Paris is one of the greenest cities in Europe

by Carla Andrea Fundarotto

Paris greener city by 2030

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, intends to transform Paris into a green metropolis by 2030. The intention, in fact, is to leave a smaller carbon footprint for the protection of the environment and the Parisian population.

What has been done?

After the Champs-Élysées closed to cars every first Sunday of the month and after the pedestrianization of the streets on the banks of the Seine, the Mayor inaugurated a cycle path from Bastille to Place de la Concorde. With this cycle path, the areas that can be traveled by bicycles in Paris reach almost 1500 km.

Urban renewal plans: ecological mobility

A plan is envisaged which envisages, by 2025 throughout France, a plan that will allow the construction of over half a million electric charging points for cars. Shell’s first Mobility Hub has already been built and recently opened in the parking lot of the town hall. This point boasts eight fast-charging stations.

In addition to the columns for electric cars, SeaBubbles will also arrive in Paris, electric water taxis that will allow quick journeys along the Seine between Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is also a friendly city of bees

Paris is set to become one of the “paradise” cities for bees in Europe. A law, in fact, prohibits the use of pesticides and later for the diversity of plants in its public parks. But there’s more, because real bee houses have been built.

Among the structures where they are present there is the golden dome of Les Invalides, where there is the tomb of Napoleon, the Musée d’Orsay, as well as many different hotels that have installed beehives on their roofs.

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