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Siero Viso ILLUMINANTE Schiarente - Pelle Spenta

Brands: Senso Naturale

Peso 24 gr = 150 ml di crema tradizionale

Questo Siero 100% di Origine Naturale, arricchito con Oli Essenziali e Vitamina E:
- fornisce un effetto schiarente progressivo (Oli di Acai, Germe di Grano, Albicocca, Oli Essenziali di Mandarino, Pompelmo);

- aiuta efficacemente a rimuovere i segni di stanchezza, lascia la pelle liscia e luminosa (Oli di Moringa, Ucuuba, Oli Essenziali di Petitgrain, ArancioAmaro, Ginepro); 
- il suo profumo energizza la pelle e la mente.
Risultato: La pelle è idratata, rivitalizzata e luminosa

An Avocado tree for Guatemala

Shop: zeroCO2
Brands: ZeroCO2

Non c’è bisogno di presentazioni per l’ormai conosciutissimo superfood. In Guatemala viene perlopiù utilizzato per la preparazione di piatti come lo strepitoso guacamole. Ricco di vitamine e per questo particolarmente apprezzato dalle mamme.

Gift Card

Brands: Friends for the Earth

Surprise someone with a "Beautiful and Sustainable" gift card. Give something special and unique that can make a difference: a digital gift card that allows them to purchase eco-sustainable products made by the members of Friends for the Earth, respecting the environment and our planet!

Immediately after purchasing a gift voucher you will receive an email with the digital coupon, to be forwarded to the recipient of the gift.

Fito Shampoo Solido RIGENERANTE

Brands: Senso Naturale

Ti sembra che i tuoi capelli siano sfibrati e rovinati? Se gestire i capelli crespi presenta una vera e propria sfida quotidiana, devi provare lo shampoo e balsamo a base di Alga Spirulina, Fieno Greco, Aloe, Olio di Avocado, Rosmarino e Lavanda dona ai capelli elasticità, idratazione, definizione e protezione anticrespo.

New Products


Brands: Bidone design

Morbida seduta in ecopelle 100% Made in Italy

2 varianti disponibili: seduta alta e seduta bassa


Peso: 20 kg

Diametro: 57 cm

Altezza seduta: 35 cm / 45 cm

Altezza schienale da terra: 63 cm


On Sale Deals Of The Day

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Oleolito di Iperico BIO di Sant'Egle, cosmetico
  • On sale!
  • -€136.36

Oleolito di Iperico BIO di Sant'Egle, cosmetic - 500 ml.

Brands: Sant'Egle
€90.91 €227.27

New Production 2021

Also called Olio di San Giovanni.

Its flowers are harvested, as tradition has it, at the moment of its maximum balsamic, on June 24th and placed in organic extra virgin olive oil for 40 days in the sun.

The active ingredient of Hypericum is released in the oil and the same is colored red.

Called, the MIRACULOUS oil, it was used during the Crusades by doctors to heal stab wounds.

Sold in dark packs to preserve the active ingredient that would be damaged in contact with light.

500 ml in black color extra virgin olive oil tin

Kit Shampoo solido BIO + Balsamo solido BIO Kit Shampoo solido BIO + Balsamo solido BIO
  • On sale!
  • -€9.09

Sant'Egle BIO solid shampoo kit + BIO solid conditioner

Brands: Sant'Egle
€22.73 €31.82

The winning combination!

Volumizing and strengthening organic solid shampoo.

The organic solid conditioner with verbena is Nourishing, repairing and detangling.

Why choose a solid shampoo and conditioner?

🌿 you are good for the planet (you do not pollute with plastic, a shampoo + solid conditioner kit is equivalent to two bottles and lasts for two months)

🌿 there is no waste because you will self-regulate better

🌿 it is practical, because it is small and you can take it anywhere, even on the plane

🌿 It is long lasting, 2 months for short hair and 1 month for long hair

Crema Corpo Bio con olio E.V.O dell'Agriturismo Sant'Egle, 200 ml
  • On sale!
  • -€4.55

Sant'Egle Cream Body Bio with oil E.V.O, 200 ml

Brands: Sant'Egle
€18.18 €22.73

Moisturizing, lenitive and elasticizer body cream with Oliva Extravergine of Oliva of Agriturismo Sant\' Egle, Aloe Vera and Argan oil

Studied to make the skin soft and bright contrasting dryness and unfortunate skin thanks to the intake of the precious mixture of the Oliva Extravergine and Argan oils.
The extraordinary lenitive, sweeter and nutritious properties of extra-virgin olive oil, argan oil and Aloe Vera donate to the skin a concentrate of well-being and vitality.

Echinacea di Sant'Egle, 60 capsule
  • On sale!
  • -€6.37

Echinacea di Sant'Egle, 60 capsules

Brands: Sant'Egle
€16.36 €22.73

For the natural defenses of the organism.


  • Antivirals, immunostimulants and antibacterials.
  • Stimulates and strengthening of the immune system, especially against cooling diseases, mild urinary tract infections, respiratory tract, bacteriostatic, virustatic and anti-inflammatory streets.

60 vegetable capsules, vegan, gluten-free

Net weight gr 21

Bagno doccia, sapone bio con olio E.V.O di Sant'Egle, 200 ml
  • On sale!
  • -€4.54

Sant'Egle Shower Bath, bio soap with oil E.V.O, 200 ml

Brands: Sant'Egle
€13.64 €18.18

Soap for all the body, moisturizing, emollient and lenitive with Oliva Extravergine of Oliva of Agriturismo Sant\' Egle, Aloe Vera and Calendula
Perfectly tolerated by the skin, it respects and restores its hydrolipid film. Contains Extra-virgin Oil of Biological Oliva, Aloe Vera and Calendula in high concentration for a synergistic, moisturizing, emollient, refreshing, and reepithelizing action synergistic action. Particularly indicated for the delicate, screwled, dehydrated, irritated or inflamed skin. Suitable for all types of skin.

Balsamo districante bio all'olio E.V.O. di Sant'Egle 200 ml
  • On sale!
  • -€4.54

Sant'Egle Detangling hair conditioner with Oil E.V.O. 200 ml

Brands: Sant'Egle
€13.64 €18.18

Rich and creamy, enhances the natural beauty and vitality of hair without weighing them. Deep restructures the capillary fiber from the root to the tips, improving elasticity and brightness. Form around the hair a thin molecular film capable of countering dehydration, protecting lengths from aggressive brush and hair dryer.

Super intricant intensive treatment. The composition is rich in assets that moisturize and nourish in depth which honey, olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, D-Pantenol, silk proteins and extracts of birch and pumpkin. It also contains hyaluronic acid.

The hair immediately buy strength and softness, resulting fluffy, protected and super destroyed.


200 ml

Burro di cacao BIO di Sant'Egle
  • On sale!
  • -€1.82

Sant'Egle BIO Cocoa Butter

Brands: Sant'Egle
€7.27 €9.09

with Jaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, olive oil of santle egle, sunflower oil, castor oil, beeswax, vitamin E and cocoa butter (theobroma cacao butter) ALL BIO

Ideal for all types of lips even for those subject to allergies or particularly dry, easy absorption, with super-moisturizing balm effect.

70% percent of what is applied on the lips, is ingested, which is why cocoa butter must be of plant, natural and organic origin.

Luffa, il porta sapone in fibra 100% vegetale
  • On sale!
  • -€2.73

Luffa, the soap holder in 100% vegetable fiber

Brands: Sant'Egle
€6.36 €9.09

Why choose the loofah as a soap holder or as a body sponge?

🌿 do the planet good (don\'t pollute with plastic or plunder the oceans)

🌿There is no waste of your soap, because the loofah will always keep it dry and ready to use

🌿 it is practical, because it is small and you can take it anywhere, even on the plane

🌿 has an incredibly long service life

Our Luffa soap dish, 100% vegetable, ecological and sustainable.