Tasmania powered by 100% renewable energy. 2040 goal: reach 200% renewable energy

Tasmania powered by 100% renewable energy. 2040 goal: reach 200% renewable energy

di Carla Andrea Fundarotto

Tasmania is one of the few places in the world wholly powered by renewable energy.

“Every Tasmanian should be proud that our state is the first in Australia and one of the few jurisdictions in the world to achieve this, while maintaining a key commitment from the 2018 elections,” announced Guy Barnett, energy minister for the country. ‘island.

An important milestone, which was achieved with the ignition of the twenty-ninth wind turbine in the port of Granville. When the last two turbines are put into service at Granville Harbor, Tasmania will have access to 10,741 GWh of renewable generation capacity, well above its average annual electricity demand of 10,500 GWh. The goal is one: to reach 200% renewable energy by 2040.

In fact, the small island state of Australia will be completely self-sufficient thanks to wind turbines and hydroelectric plants. Tasmania’s history with hydroelectricity dates back to 1895, with the Duck Reach Power Station, the first publicly owned hydroelectric power station in the Southern Hemisphere. As of 2019, around 90% of the island’s energy comes from dams. Wind has covered the rest.

“A significant achievement that opens up huge economic opportunities for Tasmania,” said Nicky Ison of WWF Australia. “Tasmania is in a better position than almost anywhere in the world to become a renewable energy powerhouse and zero-carbon transportation and industry hub, because electric vehicles, steelmaking, hydrogen production and more will be powered by 100% renewable electricity”.

“There has never been a more important time than this to manage the transition to green” concluded Minister Barnett, who then continued: “Renewable energy can grow our economy, attract investments, create jobs work and support Australia’s transition to a cleaner supply ”.

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