The basis of the new agriculture. Discovering Crysil PD and Crysil SC

The basis of the new agriculture. Discovering Crysil PD and Crysil SC

A completely natural land, composed of fossil microalgae and volcanic ash, all substances with a very low environmental impact, capable of increasing agricultural yield.
Its name is Diatomaceous Earth. To introduce it in Italy is the BIOYVY company of Palermo. An idea that was born thanks to the Colletta brothers’ passion for agriculture.
It is a natural silica product whose general structure of the diatom particles and the network of holes, present in its structure, are responsible for the innumerable properties contained in this multifunctional mineral product.
The intuition is the result of the agronomist Giorgio Iabichella, technical consultant, promoter of organic cultivation, sustainable and proximity nutrition, and in 2020 author of a thesis entitled “Cognitive survey on the effects of Silicon”.

The formula that makes up Diatomaceous Earth allows it to be applied with any known method. Its natural origin in total absence of toxicity allows its applications without periods of decline or quantitative restrictions. The product with its high content of organogenic silica and above all with Crysil SC containing ortho silicic acid, available for absorption by the foliar apparatus, now constitutes the basis of the new organic farming, in biodynamic or synergistic agriculture.

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