The benefits of the Vine sap in Pheal Natural Cosmetics

The benefits of the Vine sap in Pheal Natural Cosmetics

The sap of the vine, capable of giving immediate brightness to the skin, is the basic ingredient of Pheal, a company of high quality natural cosmetics born with the aim of creating effective cosmetics, friends of the skin, the environment and the planet. With very strong nourishing, moisturizing and elasticising properties, the vine sap, a plant that characterizes the area of ​​Franciacorta where the company is based, is extracted directly from the vine branches and immediately reduces skin redness, thanks to its astringent properties. Its characteristics are mainly regenerative. Just as it is able to make

the cells of the plant duplicate during the resumption of vegetative activity, in fact, this substance is able to reactivate the skin metabolism by nourishing the vitality of the cells. To the many beneficial properties of the vine sap, Pheal products are distinguished by their being without parabens, without mineral oils and without silicones, nickel tested, cruelty free and ok vegan. Among these ingredients there is aloe vera, able to protect and repair the tissues, thermal water, with remineralizing and regenerating action, borage oil, important for combating skin aging, linseed oil , powerful antioxidant and rich in Vitamin E. And then almond oil, with emollient and softening properties, jojoba oil, revitalizing and regenerating, caper extract, antiallergic and soothing and black rice extract, powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

As regards the environmental impact, the company has decided to use a packaging without glues, labels, staples or plasticized paper, in order to make it immediately easily recyclable in its entirety. “Aware that zero impact production is not yet possible, we joined the One Tree Planted project and for each Pheal product sold, a tree is donated which will then be planted in those areas that, for various reasons, are subject to deforestation” he also bound to point out the Pheal.

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