The Empire State Building says goodbye to fossil energy

The Empire State Building says goodbye to fossil energy

di Carla Andrea Fundarotto

The most famous skyscraper in the world becomes sustainable.

This is the Empire State Building, which was born to challenge the mother of all crises, the Great Depression, is now ready for another collective rebirth, under the banner of environmentalism: to reach less than 40% of CO2 emissions and say goodbye to fossil fuels. It will in fact be powered entirely by wind and other renewable sources.

The Empire State Realty Trust has, in fact, entered into an exclusive contract with Green Mountain Energy, a Texan company that for at least three years will power the skyscraper with the energy produced by offshore wind farms, thanks to the purchase of 55 million kWh per year. .

The trust explained that it had purchased energy for Green Mountain Energy’s most famous skyscraper in the world for over a decade and that it had decided to strengthen the partnership by extending the exclusive supply agreement to all New York properties. “All of our clients and tenants will now work in carbon neutral offices,” reads the ESRT note. The Empire State Realty, in fact, owns many other buildings in the US city, for a total of about 1 million square meters of surface, and intends to convert them to green energy. In fact, in the coming months, all their offices will be carbon neutral.

In total, the emission of 200 thousand tons of carbon dioxide will be saved. “It’s the savings that would be made if every New York state house decided to keep the lights out for a whole month,” they explain from the Empire State Realty Trust.


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