To support the protest of Indian farmers is mobilized singer Rihanna and not only

To support the protest of Indian farmers is mobilized singer Rihanna and not only

di Carla Andrea Fundarotto

With the hashtag #farmersprotest preceded by a simple “Why don’t we talk about it?”, Published on her Twitter profile, the singer Rihanna has infuriated the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A simple tweet with which the singer took the side of Indian farmers against the new laws on agriculture, which approved by the Modi government, would constitute an advantage for multinationals at the expense of farmers.

In India, in fact, the mobilization of peasants against the measures wanted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has occupied the front pages of newspapers for weeks. The singer posted a photo of it on her Twitter profile. The post was retweeted over 240,000 times causing a wave of reactions in India.

The Madi law provides for the abolition of the traditional system of “mandi” markets, which allows farmers to sell their products directly to state collection points in rural centers, confronting the local government for the payment of any duties and taxes. A system that guarantees great economic power to local governments, in fact the main distributors of agricultural products in the relevant territory. The intention of the agricultural reform, in fact, seems to be to encourage private investments for production and distribution, removing power from local states, to stimulate competitiveness in the agricultural sector.

In support of Rihanna on Twitter, several activists and well-known personalities have expressed themselves, from the young Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg to the lawyer Meena Harris, granddaughter of American vice president Kamala Harris.


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