Tottenham-Chelsea. The first game in the world to be zero-emission

Tottenham-Chelsea. The first game in the world to be zero-emission

by Carla Andrea Fundarotto

The Premier League this year will be a league in support of the environment. The next Tottenham derby against Chelsea, scheduled for 19 September, will be the first zero-emission football match.


The two teams will reach the stadium aboard biofuel-powered buses, fans will have to travel to New White Hart Lane only by sustainable means of transport (public transport, bicycles or on foot).
But there is more, because inside the stadium, drinks will only be served in paper containers and the waste will be recycled. Furthermore, the food on sale inside the stadium will be exclusively of vegetable origin.

The goal of this gesture

The goal is ambitious: to make the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium derby the first great “net zero” match in the world. That is, where carbon emissions will be minimized and offset. Game Zero, as it was called, is organized a month and a half away from the United Nations annual climate summit, COP26, which will be held in Glasgow from 1 to 12 September.

But there is more…

the club, after intensifying the transport network (the area is served with 4 stations and free shuttles), has calculated that now only 23% of its fans reach the stadium by car. He encouraged them to do even better, or to get around by bicycle after providing another 180 safe parking spaces. Finally, the food: in the stands there will also be a menu based on vegetables, and once you have finished eating it will be important to correctly differentiate the waste. As per the “net zero” program, the remaining emissions will have to be offset. So the Londoners, together with Sky UK which is a partner of the initiative, have ensured that they will plant new trees near the stadium, supporting reforestation in East Africa and working towards new forests in the UK.

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