WAO, the crowdfunding of sustainable & animal free sneakers has started

WAO, the crowdfunding of sustainable & animal free sneakers has started

by Carla Andrea Fundarotto

WAO sneakers are defined with three simple words: made in Italy, eco-sustainable and respectful of animals.

But there is more, because everything comes from an idea of ​​crowdfunding through a platform. By making a donation, in fact, you will receive in exchange a pair of sneakers at an introductory price.

It is the WAO company that activated this particular collection that began a few days ago on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter platform.

Its goal is to incentivize donations from users to produce a 97% recyclable model of sneakers, made with upper in natural hemp, compostable rubber, sole and organic cotton.

The shoes will be 97% recyclable but only if the buyer returns the sneakers to the brand after using them.

How does this particular campaign work?

The WAO company will provide for the free collection of worn sneakers, which will be broken down, partly recycled and partly used to create organic compost. In short, it will be a shoe that can be recycled to all intents and purposes.

WAO sneakers can be purchased at the Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter at the following link: 0? Ref = aly6ry

Participate with a donation and you will receive a pair of sneakers in exchange!


Discover the Friends for the Earth in evidence:

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