Friends for the Earth is a Web Community created in 2020 from the vision of the Italian artist Max Serradifalco. The our mission is to promote and connect all the protagonists of the Green Economy in the world, in order to speed up the ecological process needed for the good of Earth, as well as for the protection of ecosystems and the very future of our species. As Albert Einstein said, “Modernity has failed. We need to build a new humanism, otherwise the planet cannot be saved”.

With our choices we can be a role model, there is an urgent need to create a new economic vision of the world! Scientists have warned us for decades about the possible catastrophic consequences generated by our unsustainable lifestyle on a planet with limited resources. The question is… are you willing to make sustainable choices and give up bad habits? We won’t get so many years to act and we are already starting to see the effect of climate change. A new collective awareness must be spread. Future generations rely on us, we represent the last hope of Earth, it is our duty to protect it from our own impact, before it is really too late. Nobody feels left out, we can all be true Friends for the Earth in what we do.